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Tax audits and appeals services in our Calgary office are designed to help individuals and businesses resolve tax-related issues with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). These services are provided by our tax professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to help clients navigate the tax audit and appeals process.

A tax audit is a review by the CRA of a taxpayer's financial records to determine whether the taxpayer has complied with tax laws and regulations. Tax audits can be triggered by a variety of reasons, including a discrepancy in the tax return, an investigation of a business, or a random selection by the CRA.

If a tax audit results in a tax assessment that is disputed by the taxpayer, the taxpayer may choose to file an appeal. An appeal is a formal request to the CRA to have the tax assessment reviewed and potentially revised. The appeal process typically involves presenting evidence and arguments to support the taxpayer's position.

Our Tax audit and appeals services can help individuals and businesses in Calgary with tasks such as preparing for a tax audit, representing clients during the audit process, negotiating with the CRA to resolve tax-related issues, and filing and pursuing appeals.

If you are facing a tax audit or appeal in Calgary, it’s important to choose a tax professional who has experience and expertise in this area. By working with a knowledgeable and experienced professional, you can increase your chances of a successful outcome and minimize the potential impact on your financial situation.

Our office in Calgary can provide valuable support and guidance to individuals and businesses facing tax-related issues, and help ensure that their rights and interests are protected.